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In JEUMONT (59/Nord - France)


Jeumont is a French border city of about 10,000 inhabitants, which adjoins the city of Erquelines in Belgium.

For information on the city of Jeumont, you can click on the following links (in french only, sorry):

Jeumont is close to the following major cities:
Maubeuge (F) : 11 km - 15mn
Mons (B) : 25 km - 34mn
Avesnes sur Helpe (F) : 31 km - 35mn
Charleroi (B) : 36 km - 43mn
Valenciennes (F) : 65 km - 56mn
Bruxelles (B) : 78 km - 1H12mn
Lille (F): 99 km - 1h18mn
Paris (F): 220 km - 2h15mn

Looked round the property

Helicopter view


Frontage on the avenue

Deprez_Photo_Park_Facade_Avenue Deprez_Photo_Frontage_Avenue Deprez_Photo_Frontage_Left Deprez_Photo_Frontage_Right

Living room frontage

Deprez_Photo_Park_Facade_Lounge Deprez_Photo_Frontage_Lounge

Garden frontage - Kitchen window


Garage - Pigeon loft


The History Of House

This house, called « Sarrat House », was designed by architects Jacques and Henri Lafitte . It appears in the inventory of cultural heritage of Nord - Pas de Calais, see (french only):

inventory of cultural heritage of Nord - Pas de Calais

or download this document:



It was built about 1925 (oral tradition) for Mr Sarrat, director of EGN (Electricity and Gas North Company) It was sold in 1937 to FACEJ (Forges and electrical workshops of Jeumont) It then belonged to the Jeumont-Schneider Company (now Areva), which has housed their successive CEOs. This house was sold to an executive of Jeumont-Schneider Company. I bought it in 2003 and sold it in 2010. Here are some references on the Internet about Sarrat House (french only):

Here are two photos taken just after the end of the building. These pictures are included in the book « Ensembles and Details of Architecture » (Authors: H. Lafitte - Architecte S.A.D.G., J. Lafitte - architecte agréé et ingénieur A&M) éditions EDARI (Edition d'Architecture, d'Industrie et d'Economie Rurale, SARL - 13, rue des Juifs - Strasbourg - Copyright by EDARI - Photographies DEMAREZ à Maubeuge) [1933].

Deprez_Photo_building Deprez_Photo_Stair

Ensembles et Détails of Architecture

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