SynchroDir 1.7 for Window

Backup utility

SynchroDir is a backup utility that you can download by clicking on the zip icon below. It runs on Window 2000, XP, Vista and Seven. It's free, you can use it as you want, when you want and as long as you want. The sources of the Qt Creator project , for those interested, are available on this website.

Please note: The SynchroDir backup utility is provided « AS IS » with no warranty of any kind, including the warranty of design, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


SynchroDir backup utility istrilingual English / French / Czech with a single click on the menu « language ».

Each backup is the subject of a recordable « backup project ». This feature allows you to save projects corresponding to different computers, servers, external hard drives, USB keys, etc.. You can also backup data of computer Y to computer Z from a control computer X.

Each backup project includes an unlimited number of "jobs". At the end of the backup process, a log file is available.

Each job has a source (What?) and a destination (Where ?), each corresponding to a volume or a directory. The volume or directory must be available on the PC or on the net.

Each job has an "Options" tab and a "Filters" tab allowing many settings. It possible to perform each job in test mode: the backup is not performed but the log file is saved, allowing to know what would have been done in normal mode.

The SynchroDir backup utility is provided without help. Each new job is created with default options that are appropriate for most of uses. On mouse over, numerous tool tips are available.

Job types

For each of the jobs of a project, you must select the type of backup in a combo box:

Miror: copy or update to the source (What) in the destination (Where) modulo filters.
Synchro: update the source (What) and update the destination (Where) according to the date of last modification.
clean: clean the contents of the destination (Where) accordind to exclusion filters.
Move: move the contents of the source (What) to the destination (Where) based on exclusion filters. Then, the entire contents of the source (What) is cleared.


The utility does not process jobs with unmounted directories or volumes.

In the case of a backup mirror:
If the source (What) is: c:\Users/jean-pierre\Documents\Images
and destination (where) is: d:\Volumes\Documents
The contents of the \images directory will replace the entire contents of the directory \Volumes\Documents.

It is therefore very important to check that the job is initialized as follows:
Source (What): c:\Users\jean-pierre\Documents\Images
and destination (where): d:\Volumes\Documents\Images
In this case, everything works perfectly. Why not do first a test since it's possible : just partially check the Y/N box of a job. An "as is" log of the backup will be performed ...

Tab snapshots of SynchroDir for Window

Deprez_Photo_SynchroDir_Win_main.jpg Deprez_Photo_SynchroDir_Win_options.jpg Deprez_Photo_SynchroDir_Win_filters_Winjpg Deprez_Photo_SynchroDir_Win_preferences.jpg

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